Chapter No 1.

Every last seam is embedded with magic, defiant elegance, and open-minded discovery. Cosmic associations, celestial bodies, and experienced truths connect our vision with these values.
We hope that these pieces will inspire modern adventurers to push at the boundaries, to find the beauty and the poetry in every moment. 

Our Story
One night we all came together over dinner. We talked about our lives, and told stories about both the exciting things we had seen and done, and also the challenges we had faced and survived.
Somewhere in the night, after many glasses of wine, we began reminiscing over all of the childhood stories that we grew up with and loved, and the truths we were beginning to see in them over time. And we realised that we wanted to express these truths in a beautiful new way. Chapter One was inspired by this, and many more conversations, about mythology, ritual, and art, and their reflection in our lives, culminating in these nine limited edition coats. 
As a passionate group of young Hungarian creatives and friends we aim to bring the highest form of craftsmanship and Central European artistry to the creative process. 
Now we are ready to share it, with love, with the rest of the world.

ContributorsBalázs Bercsényi, András Tóth, Attila Godena-Juhász, Dávid Baráth, Réka Forgách, Borka Belénessy, Angie Pálmai, Anna Freundlieb Krisztián Éder, Zoltán Vorobcsuk

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